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RoboCop: Rogue City for PC is a first-person shooter game that slots in between the events of the films RoboCop 2 and Robocop 3. Anne Lewis returns as RoboCop’s partner and is always with you as you play, making a useful sidekick.
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A new criminal has popped up to threaten the peace of the city, and not only are the press excited about him – calling him The New Guy in Town – but so are all the existing gangs. RoboCop is called upon to restore the peace in a tower block raid, with plenty of gunfights, lots of pop-up villains and even some hostage situations to resolve.
Of course, the main attraction is your playing character, the part-man, part-machine (one hundred percent law enforcer!) who goes forth armed with his Auto-9 and steel-clad protection which makes enemy bullets bounce off futilely.

The action goes where the news is, with the introduction of the main big bad interrupted by a gang of thugs, who burst in, take hostages and wait for the police – namely RoboCop and his partner Anne Lewis – to come along and sort things out.
RoboCop’s heavy build means that his progress is slow – practically tank-like. But this isn’t a problem. Villains can rush up to RoboCop, but they can’t do much to him, so it’s often fun to just keep on coming until they turn tail and flee – or, as they say, feel your wrath! As well as whaling on bad guys and gang members, you also have to investigate crimes, poke around crime scenes to find clues and make arrests of likely looking felons.

RoboCop is big and strong enough to always choose violence if he wants – even running out of ammunition is no real obstacle to him. Should he start running low, he can just march (slowly) up to the next bad guy in line and punch him into next Tuesday! However, he does not always have to use force: some of the side quests offer more conciliatory paths to success, using persuasion and dialogue to encourage a gang member to provide needed information.
You can also earn goodwill by doing favours for fellow police officers, or by interacting with the citizens of the city. And this non-violent path is actively encouraged to assist with your investigations: you can upgrade your dialogue choices using a skill tree to get more out of your peaceful exchanges with citizens, good or bad alike.

The Nitty Gritty

The game is quite strongly choice-based, with different results depending on your choices in solving puzzles and side quests. These effects go all the way to the finish line, with different end scenes appearing depending on the choices you have made. How must trust the citizens have for RoboCop by the end also has an impact on how the end plays out.
RoboCop’s Auto-9 has unlimited ammo, but other weapons can be collected and their use is quite limited. Villains will try all sorts to slow RoboCop down, from chucking explosive barrels and TVs as well as shooting at him – but he is so sturdy that these have little effect on him. If he does suffer ill-effects, health will regenerate in time, and RoboCop can use enemies as human shields should he need to.

Be aware that the background of Detroit is not just for show. While the grimy streets and decrepit buildings are there to show the state of affairs, you should pay attention to the thugs and wannabe hard men lurking on street corners and near lampposts – eavesdropping on snippets of their conversations can be useful to some of your investigations and side quests…

RoboCop’s Powers

As well as being almost invincible in his armour, RoboCop has a number of other powers, most of which can be upgraded in time as you play and grow. But all are useful and should be mastered as quickly as possible. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Night Vision: Being able to see in the dark means that RoboCop can always see who’s coming for him, even when it’s dark all around
  • Flashbang Shockwave: When a horde of enemies is rushing at you, even RoboCop needs a moment to sort out his response. Keep the enemies at bay with this shockwave flashbang that will tumble them off their feet and give you a precious few moments to react
  • Slow Time: In certain circumstances, RoboCop can effectively slow down time so that he can pick off a room full of villains before they know what’s hit them. A highly useful skill to deploy at the right moment
  • Scanner: Activating his scanner allows RoboCop to focus on villains and pick up legal violations – even parking tickets – so that he can forestall disorderly behaviour and keep an eye on those who need it the most
  • Speed Walk: While RoboCop is never a speedy lad, his measured plodding tread can be sped up to a brisk walk, which is more than enough to send a bushel of bad guys running out of the back door – if they can find it in time before the metallic behemoth is upon them
  • All of these useful skills and weapons can be upgraded through skill trees so you stay ahead of the enemies.

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